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Multani mitti

Multani Miti is a clay material of full of minerals which is originally used as an absorbent in the wool industry.
It is very effective and tremendous ingredient for the beauty of your skin.

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Multani Mitti Rose and Orange Peel Powder


An Amazingly aromatic blend

Helps to protect skin cells from damage

Helps to replenish skin with glow and cleansing

Multani Mitti Powder


Best anti-aging agent

Make skin young and healthy

Help to fair the complexion

Eliminate dirt particles from skin

Make skin soft with shine

It has 5 Face Packs which are used for dry, damage, oily, flawless and glowing skin

Multani Mitti With Orange Peel Powder


Make skin healthy and glowing

Help to reduce extra oil

Remove acne and make skin clean

Tighten Skin Tone

Multani Mitti With Neem Powder


Make skin soft and moisturize it

Help to reduce Acne

Remove Membrane Damaging Free Radicals

Save skin from Bacteria’s

Antibacterial and anti-Inflammatory

Multani Mitti Lavender Powder


Multani Mitti and Lavender is a natural refresher of skin

Removes dark spots, wrinkles pimples, and blemishes

Increase natural glow

Reduce mild dehydration

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