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DESCRIPTION PRODUCT  Settled between black, the brown leather stripe in Centaur is the spark of..

PKR 1,500 Ex Tax: PKR 1,500


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Multi-purpose at heart and beautiful to carry, this cow leather hand bag c..

PKR 10,500 Ex Tax: PKR 10,500


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Upgrade your boring wallets with this adorable leather wallet that comes w..

PKR 1,500 Ex Tax: PKR 1,500


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Smart fit leather jacket in a bright electric blue is a head turner for su..

PKR 9,500 Ex Tax: PKR 9,500


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Strap in to the day with our handmade, leatherette lattice fasten sandal. ..

PKR 2,200 Ex Tax: PKR 2,200


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Straight from the streets of Milan, this level stylish semi-circular clutc..

PKR 4,200 Ex Tax: PKR 4,200


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Crafted to bind your information in one place. Consolas will form an assoc..

PKR 500 Ex Tax: PKR 500

Day Dreamer

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONTaking a minimalist approach, this smooth cow leather clutch has a white magnetic..

PKR 4,600 Ex Tax: PKR 4,600


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Accessorize your outfits with our premium quality 100% genuine leather han..

PKR 8,000 Ex Tax: PKR 8,000


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Statement buckles are as timeless as it gets. This cow leather clutch is a..

PKR 4,400 Ex Tax: PKR 4,400


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Spacious enough for your belongings and fashionable enough for your ensemb..

PKR 6,000 Ex Tax: PKR 6,000


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Pack your essentials in a voguish cross body bag with detachable straps. E..

PKR 6,500 Ex Tax: PKR 6,500


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  An addition to your party wear, these bridal heels come equipped with shin..

PKR 3,500 Ex Tax: PKR 3,500

Jenna Sue

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  A plain black leatherette pump is the need of every wardrobe. Combine that..

PKR 2,500 Ex Tax: PKR 2,500


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Delicate yet chic, this handmade white leatherette pair is the right acces..

PKR 2,400 Ex Tax: PKR 2,400

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