About Us

Welcome to 850 BUYnBYE.PK

BuynBye.pk denotes the power of small by representing the tiny spark of inspiration that can change the course of generations. By definition, it’s the meager weight of grey matter that controls the whole human physique and beyond; while in retrospective it’s the emblem of the few who influence the many. BuynBye as a brand envisions to assist the many in their pursuit of knowledge, quality, comfort, wellness, connectivity, and economy; aka happiness.

BuynBye Leather believes that quality is not a premium offering, it’s a prerequisite. It offers its customers a lifestyle option where luxury is affordable. It brings you pristine original leather molded into fabulous apparel, footwear, and accessories by exquisite Pakistani workmanship. The ever-expanding range of BuynBye Leather currently offers formal and casual footwear, jackets, handbags & clutches and other accessories for men and women.